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How SavingsTab works

While you shop, SavingsTab evaluates other sellers like Walmart, Target, eBay, Jet, and others you might find with a Google search. It confirms availability (including size and color), price, taxes, shipping – and tests coupon codes.

Better offers while you shop.

While you are browsing SavingsTab will suggest to you alternative products, or identical ones at different stores, so you will always get the best price.

When you click on an alternative offer you will be re-directed to a new store so you can shop smarter and save more.

Instant Savings

Get better offers from other sellers while you shop.

Shopping Options

Find similar products to the ones you are looking at.

Verified Merchants

SavingsTab will only show you the best rated sellers.

Don’t get boxed in

A better deal is probably around the corner with our 40,000 (!) alternative sellers.

Shop for what matters

If the key differentiation is computer memory, voltage, height, wood type of any other attribute, we will help you find more affordable or alternative options that still focus on the most important aspect of the product you are looking at.

It’s great having options while I browse to find cheaper deals Shu W.